Over the last three years I have been playing NovaEmpire quite a lot. I was normal player, built my station up, played in many different galaxies, was general and finally also alliance leader in a big alliance.


That was exciting, fun and I actually learned a lot. It's a game with great depth. 


(1) The new developers shift it more and more to pay to win. It gets ever more expensive and those players who are performance driven and pay enormous amounts of money dominate more and more. 

(2) To keep up, it's more and more grind. It costs endless amount of time and yet you can't keep up with the big spenders. 

(3) Elite galaxy makes it worse. The social aspect goes down. Everything is grind and chase and more growth and frankly it's boring. 

Last not least I somehow don't arrive in T1 and T2. It's all whaling, mainly, and the leadership is very far removed from the regular players. I always liked Dream and Karin and their team, but they seem to play a different game than I do. 

I have a busy real life and I notice I don't want to invest this much time anymore. My stations will be retired. Sadly my main station is connected to my Google Account, so I can't hand it over. But Ix.Yon switched to a good new owner. :)

Thank you for all the fun, experiences and good times!