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Practical training

to make you safer. 


Studies and criminological data show that sexual predators have massive weaknesses. They are looking for victims, not opponents, and they can be deterred and stopped in their tracks.  The German police has developed course concepts to strengthen women, giving knowledge and tools, both verbal and physical, to not become a victim.


Missing Link Martial Arts brings this concept to Manchester. 


Women's Self Defence class

The Angel Centre in Salford
Five week course
Every Thursday 
 11.30am - 1.30pm
Starting April 30th


The contents

Understanding and recognizing harassment and sexual violence:

  • Victim- and offender-profiles

  • Personal limits and boundaries

  • Awareness and clear communication 

  • Personal experiences

  • Success stories

  • Exchange of experiences

  • What kind of rules are there, what signs are there that I can see that things are going wrong?

  • How to identify an assault, best before it actually happens?

  • Fear & stress
    Background information:
    physiological functions (fight or flight/panic)
    mental effects
    methods to cope

  • Definition of violence

  • Preventive behaviour: Respect, anticipation, clarity

  • Creating a positive surrounding, coping with conflicts

  • Assertiveness face to face
    Typical conflict scenarios
    Simple rhetorical methods to deal with escalating situations
    Body language
    Distance & Boundaries

  • Analysis of own strength and weaknesses

  • What is positive thinking?

  • How to cope with ideas that block us from performing successful

  • Weapons:
    Does the offender have weapons?
    Would it help me to bring a weapon myself?
    What is legal? What is helpful?

  • Physical self defence:
    Hands-on techniques
    Practical training with and without male “opponent”
    Straightforward and pragmatic, no sophisticated or complicated methods

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