Lockdown? Let's get social. We meet on Zoom on 

Saturday, November 14th
from 2pm


Log in here:  
Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 896 0785 5052
Passcode: 173496

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What's on the plan?

You will need a PC/tablet/phone for Zoom...

... and another one if you want to join the games.
(You need one screen to chat and one to play.)

The Missing Link Quiz

We will use Kahoot.it
for a quiz with
no mercy - mercy leads nowhere

Next step is Among Us

A game in which some of you will be
imposters, killing the others one by one
with no mercy - since that leads nowhere.  

It's a lot of fun, and false accusations are ripe. 
Download the game here: 
Android - iPhone

And off we go to Psych!
(Outwit your friends)

Games of wit and chaos, with no mercy,
because mercy leads nowhere... 
As a hint: Dan is terribly good at it.
Download the game here: 
Android - iPhone



Last not least: Cocktail time

Sensei Arto will mix 
a drink with you, but:
You will need ingredients.

Join our WhatsApp group to
know which in time before we start.


WhatsApp Group link


Join us! Let us know if you will be there 

via eMail community@missinglink-martialarts.uk