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Summercamp 2019 at Ten Chi Jin in Denmark

Summercamps are a long standing tradition for Missing Link - and for Ten Chi Jin Martial Arts Academy in Denmark, home of Master Circle Member Jorge Garibaldi. 2019 marks a new step in both traditions: The Missing Link Summercamp moves to Aarhus. Training among friends, as modern as traditional, full of ideas, community spirit and sweat - and everybody is welcome. From June 22nd to June 23rd, we meet in Aarhus, Denmark, to work on our Karate.

We meet over breakfast and get ready for morning training which consists of two training sessions with challenging content that wakes up every sleepy brain, after a nice lunch we go straight back into more dedicated training. The price for participation including food, training and accomodation is 450 Danish

Price for participation including food, training and accommodation 450, - Danish Krones which translates to £55 or €60.

If you are interested, get in touch via

or find the Facebook event here.

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