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2018 edition: Missing Links of Martial Arts

And here is the new edition: The Missing Links of Martial Arts describes the concept and also covers the curriculum and the way how to create an individual syllabus. Included three examples: The Dortmund Syllabus, the Aarhus Syllabus and the non-linear cycle Syllabus from Manchester.

Within the world of martial arts, there exists a great chasm of incompleteness. A chasm wherein a life changing art has been reduced to a mere sport, a shadow of its original and far more complete self. This concept has been developed to fill that ever widening void by addressing two of the most important traditions of martial arts. But it doesn't stop there, as it also has a close look at contemporary issues that should be covered by modern martial arts. Missing Links of Martial Arts introduces a comprehensive concept that connects Japanese Karate with its Chinese roots and modern applications.

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