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Train with us. 
Wherever you are.

Training wherever you want, with people from all around the globe. Join the Zoom classes only - or the research community to be part of our growing family. No need to leave your current dojo or association. We are open for all styles and backgrounds. 

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Online Dojo Database

Besides Zoom classes online, the Online Dojo offers a growing database of video tutorials, background information and other content. This database is available for Missing Link members. 

Get your community membership here, with all membership benefits, for £20 per year.

Online Dojo classes

The Online Dojo classes can be booked as a single lesson here. A single class is £4. For those who want to train more often and also enjoy special offers, the monthly membership is more suitable.

Get your Online Dojo membership here, including all online trainings, for £7.99 per month.

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Learning martial arts online –

is that even possible?

Martial arts need the whole person, connects body and mind. Learning it is based on experience in the dojo, with and without partner, with a good teacher who literally stays in touch with their students. It takes time, patience and endurance and a lot of hard work. 

Yet there are plenty of things where online resources will benefit the dedicated martial artist: Tutorials (in video or text), background knowledge, lectures of all kind, the learning and drilling of techniques and forms – and to a degree even the training with a partner. For us, one of the main chances of online training is to connect martial artists across borders. While living far apart from each other, or while traveling, it’s still possible to gain skills and exchange experiences.

Online Training, a possibility?
An exploration in 2018 

with Jorge F Garibaldi and Heero Miketta

What we learned from 2020/2021


Social distancing: The central message of the year 2020. From one moment to the other, the world went online.

Martial arts training was no exception – and our long term idea to create online resources suddenly became essential. A wealth of video tutorials, background information and live Zoom classes attracted experienced students as well as new beginners. What we learned during the pandemic is now the backbone of our new Online Dojo. 



Online Dojo database


Tutorials and background knowledge, both in text and video.A growing database of information and tools, built by the international Missing Link Community.

The Online Resources are free for Missing Link Members. The community is open minded and non-exclusive. We are happy to welcome everyone who wants to research with us, regardless of your roots and your commitments in other communities or associations. Find out more at

The online classes


While training via Zoom can not replace real life lessons face to face, in close contact and with direct communication, some things work very well in online training.


  • Learning and drilling techniques

  • Martial fitness, health, strength, stamina

  • Motor skill education

  • Form introduction

  • Background knowledge and theory

  • Qi Gong/internal training


For partner training, bunkai, kumite – especially the more sophisticated forms – online training is always limited. Advanced students can benefit from remote lessons if they have a partner with them. Online training should have groups of at least two students in that case.


Private lessons can be efficient for certain topics and help us to keep in touch with students and teachers who are spread all over the world. Their scope is also limited, but with highly experienced martial artists and a partner for training, many things are possible.

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