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Manchester Karate invites you

to an open style seminar: 


A Martial Arts Journey

with four senior teachers

of the Missing Link 

Martial Arts Community


Manchester City Centre

Sunday, October 1st 2023

Five hours training, 

with breaks, starting at noon.


Fighting Fit, 2 Millow St

Manchester, M4 4DR



12.10 Heero Miketta

13.20 Matthew Law

14.30 Arto Laaksonen

15.40 Tony Bolton



Organised by Manchester Karate

and the Missing Link Martial Arts Community

Attendance at own risk.

Attendance: £30
Reduced  £20 
for Missing Link members

+44 753 99 46 777



Missing Link is a modern martial arts concept based on Karate and Kung Fu principles. Compatible with most traditional martial arts, it is focused on modern application.

missing link martial arts long.png

The seminar will focus on connecting traditional content like Kihon and Kata to self defence, health and fitness in a modern context.

That includes throws, ground work and weapons training.


Supporting "Geez a Gi" -

the charity that helps kids and adults to get into gear. 

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