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Welcome to the Missing Link School of Martial Arts.

We are happy to welcome your children to our classes.



Your child is invited to become a member of Manchester Karate. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to either send an eMail at or ask your instructor in training. 

By signing this contract, the student enters a membership in the dojo, starting from the date of the first payment. The student pays a monthly membership fee, depending on the contract chosen. The fee is payable monthly via Direct Debit. After filling the application, you will receive an eMail with all the details and a link to the Direct Debit form. Your contract is valid as soon as this form is filled.

After joining the dojo, please also sign up for the Missing Link Community, which provides you with insurance, access to gradings and licenses - and the login to our Online Resources featuring a database of tutorials and information. Follow this link to sign up. 

The contract renews monthly unless cancelled 30 days ahead of renewal via a simple email to manchester@missinglink-martialarts.ukThe membership covers regular dojo classes. Seminars, extra-curricular activities and personal training will attract extra costs, though they might be reduced in price for members. 

The student is urged by the dojo to assure with a GP that there are no risky health conditions that could be dangerous for the student during Karate training. Practice at the dojo is at the student’s own risk. The student holds the dojo, its instructors, officers and owners from all claims regarding injuries. The student also agrees that pictures and videos can be taken during lessons and used to promote the school and Missing Link Martial Arts in general. 

By signing this contract, the student also agrees to the following rules of the dojo: 

  1. I will behave respectful and friendly. Aggressive or risky behaviour has no place in the dojo. Outside the dojo I am aware that my skills might do harm to others - and that Karate doesn't make me invincible, especially when it comes to encounters with dangerous people

  2. I will take care of personal cleanliness. This includes clothes, toe- and fingernails as well as scents.

  3. I am aware that Martial Arts are about fighting. While health and safety are important in training, fighting will cause bruises and accidents may happen. Manchester Karate Ltd and its instructors can not be held responsible for sports injuries.

  4. My progress in Missing Link Martial Arts depends on my own effort. Practicing regularly and staying focused during lessons will help me to improve.

  5. The dojo does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen items. 

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If you want to join a single class, you can book this via this simple form. If you want to join our monthly contract, you find this here, just a bit further down on this page. 

If your kid(s) like our classes, here is a much cheaper way to train with us: 
The monthly kids contract.

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Give your children the gift of a lifetime: Martial Arts is the gate to knowledge and social skills like no other sports out there. 

Find more information on the Manchester Karate website

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