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Invest one year and boost your martial arts experience. 

There is no better source of health and fitness than the ancient fighting arts.  Born in conflict, deeply rooted in Asian philosophy, focused on a holistic lifestyle, they answer many questions of modern life.

The Intensive Course offers you one year of training, with a minimum of two classes a week and personal training reduced to £20. It gives you access to all our classes online and offline as well as discounted seminars. You will be able to grade at least three times if you stick to the minimum lessons. Your own commitment defines if you want to go further than this. 

A dedicated introductory talk with the head instructor will help you to define your goals and the way to get there. 

You can choose between 12 payments of 34.99 (see form below) - or a single one off payment of 300.00, with a considerable discount. (see form on the right)

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