The year 2020 throws an all new challenge at us within the global Karate and martial arts community. ​Who would have thought that we find ourselves confined in narrow spaces, separated from each other, rather than in the dojo, sweating together and enjoying the social side of our art?

Every challenge also is an opportunity to get better and try new things. For years, we have been working quietly on our Online Resources program, providing tutorials in a database for martial artists who want to broaden their horizon and train for themselves or while traveling. 

The Online Dojo

Now, in the face of Covid19 and the closing of dojos around the world, we speed up this process. The QuarantineLessons are now online and will grow over the next weeks and months continually, delivering more tutorials and trainings for you at home. It's free for Missing Link members who are signed up for the OnlineResources. That includes everyone on contract in Manchester. 


For everybody else, becoming a member is very simple: Sign up at our application form here: Missing Link Membership. Afterwards you will get access to our membership area where you can find the QuarantineLessons. 

If you are a member of Manchester Karate or Salford Karate already, please apply for your login here: Members Area. Click "Sign up" and fill in y0ur data. It's free for you. 

If you want to stay updated at all times, you can join our mailing list (see below) or follow our Facebook group Manchester Karate

LiveLessons and One2One


Want to train in a group, with likeminded people, or face to face with an instructor? We got this covered as well. You can join our weekly Online sessions with Zoom - or One2One training. Dates and contacts are available in the member area. 


From September 2020 Manchester Karate will step by step reopen its dojos in Manchester and Salford. The Mancunian team prepares an all new schedule full of fresh ideas. Find all the information and the newest updates on this website

You can already sign up for the new Beginners Induction and start training online. Or attend our dedicated outdoor trainings

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