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Karate does not stop. Don't wait for lockdown to end. 

Why wait for things to become normal again? Be(e) resilient with Manchester Karate.  Start now! You will find an integrated concept, connecting online training, outdoor lessons and onsite classes in the dojo. The share of dojo lessons will grow as lockdown eases, but the mix will remain. 

The Life 2021 Offer gives you all lessons in the dojo, online or outdoor for £17.99 per month until September 2021. It is open for beginners as well as advanced Karateka. Manchester Karate respects grades you bring from other dojos - and Missing Link Martial Arts might be what you have been looking for if you want to grow beyond the limits of traditional martial arts. 

What will martial arts do for you?

There is no better source of health and fitness than the ancient fighting arts.  Born in conflict, deeply rooted in Asian philosophy, focused on a holistic lifestyle, they answer many questions of modern life. And they are also quite good if you want to learn how to pack a punch. Martial arts can make you feel better and be safer on many levels. 

Find health and balance

The last months were difficult for many, so be nice to yourself and make your start back into real life as powerful as smooth. Train with us every week online, discover martial arts and get back in shape - and you can start now. 



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